Meet the Crew

Come meet our groomers with a combined 23 years of grooming experience. Browse some of their work. May our passion be your pet’s next glorious glam.


Ryan Gregoire

I have been working in the Pet Grooming Industry for over 17 years. Like many I started as a bather and after about a year was offered an apprenticeship to become a groomer. I have worked for a large 5-Star Pet Resort and small Mom & Pops style grooming Salons.  I have been running a Pet Resort grooming salon for the last 7 years and plan to bring together the best of both worlds. Much as I have grown and raised a crew into some of the  best groomer’s Northern Virginia has to offer, I will bring the very same quality to you with the comfort, reliability, and individual care you can expect from a local owned shop.


Quarter Master

George Liscinsky

I started my grooming career by chance, when a friend offered me a job as a bather at a local salon. I instantly fell in love with the craft, enjoying taking care of and making the dogs clean and beautiful. I spent many days watching and asking the other groomers questions, before finally getting trained myself. While I’ve only been grooming for 6 years, I’ve dedicated a lot of time and care to making sure that every dog is well loved and taken care of. In my childhood, I’d always thought of working with animals, and grooming happened to be a perfect fit. I hope to continue to grow my skills and meet even more amazing people and pets at Scallywags!


KATIE Leeper

I’ve been working in the pet industry for almost a decade, from a daycare environment to boarding and finally bathing which I enjoyed the most. I trained under both Ryan and George as well as learned much from my fellow groomers for the last 3 years. I’ve grown a lot with my style of haircuts and I look forward to learning something new every day to expand my repertoire. I’ve always been passionate about animals and I’ve been told I have an innate gift to easily win over their hearts. I try my best to make them feel comfortable and happy to be there at all times. I’m very excited to continue working with these amazing groomers and continue to learn with them!


Karina Grover

I have always enjoyed making things beautiful and pets are no exception! With 5 years in the pet service industry, my favorite position was in bathing, where I transformed dirty dogs into prim and proper pups. I love working with our furry friends and was excited to join Ryan at Scallywags Pet Salon. I started my training as a groomer under his guidance with the help of his team. I am always aiming to perfect my craft while I work to bring out the beauty of every pup I meet!